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Glorious United Kingdom Smilers Sheet - 29 September 2008

Royal Mail complete the 'Glorious' series of Smilers sheets with this one for the United Kingdom, incorporating 5 stamps from each of the nations, and pictorial labels showing scenes in Wales, Northern Ireland, England, & Scotland. The stamps and labels are set against a background of the Union Flag.

The labels will depict man-made landmarks around the country, including ancient and modern buildings, and statues.
Correction: These stamps do have elliptical perforations as shown in the mock-up illustration: they are, therefore, collectably new stamps.

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Glorious United Kingdom Smilers sheet of stamps showing man-made landmarks around the UK.

The labels show the following locations, with the labels attached to the Welsh stamps captioned in English and Welsh:

a. Cynulliad Cymru/Welsh Assembly
b. Castell Harlech/Harlech Castle
c. (statue of miner at) Tonypandy
d. Capel Sant Gofan/St Govan's Chapel
e. Helvetia, Rhosili/Helvetia, Rhossili
Northern Ireland
Beaghmore Stone Circles
Belfast Customs House
Scrabo Tower
Lough Erne White Island Figures
Mussenden Temple
Tower of London
Brighton Pier
Turf Fen Mill
Royal Liver Building
Eden Project
Scottish Exhibition Centre
Declaration of Arbroath
Dugald Stewart Monument
Glenfinnan Viaduct
Italian Chapel, Orkney

Technical details:

Designed by Neon designe agency, London, the A4 (297 x 210mm) self-adhesive Smilers Sheet is printed in litho by Cartor Security Printing.
All images except Norvic FDCs are Copyright 2008 by Royal Mail.

Norvic Exclusive First Day Covers

This will not be regarded as a new issue by Royal Mail so there will be no official first day cover.
We have produced a set of 4 FDCs price 18.50 to accommodate all 20 stamps.
The postmarks used are W11141 Cardiff, S11136 Belfast, L11117 London, and S11137 Edinburgh.
Norvic FDC for Glorious UK Smilers stamp sheet Wales. Norvic FDC for Glorious UK Smilers stamp sheet N Ireland.
Norvic FDC for Glorious UK Smilers stamp sheet England. Norvic FDC for Glorious UK Smilers stamp sheet Scotland.

 This is not regarded by Royal Mail as a new issue, so there are no official First Day postmarks available.

Special Postmarks
First day of issue postmarks are shown here - these may not be to scale. Due to the late publication of these postmarks Royal Mail will allow extra time for collectors to submit covers for postmarking.

Belfast permanent postmark. Cardiff postmark. Edinburgh postmark. Postmark showing part of coat of arms of the United Kingdom, on 
	national floral emblems. postmark showing national floral emblems.
Ref S4641
Belfast Permanent postmark
Ref W5097
Cardiff permanent postmark.
Ref S4653
Edinburgh permanent postmark.
Ref M11130
Union Street, Birmingham
Ref L11112
25 Years of the 1 coin and 50 years of Country Definitives London SW1
Postmark illustrated with Union flag. postmark illustrtaed with a thistle. postmark illustrated with the red hand of Ulster. postmark illustrated with a dragon. Postmark showing with national floral emblems.
Ref L11102
London - Union flag
Ref S11137
Edinburgh - thistle.
Ref S11136
Belfast - Red Hand badge.
Ref W11141
Cardiff - dragon.
Ref S11138
Edinburgh - contains the names of all 6 terriroties issuing stamps in 1958.
Postmark illustrated with Britannia. postmark illustrtaed with Union flag. postmark illustrated with a lion rampant. postmark illustrated with national floral emblems.
Ref N11133
Britannia, Bacup, Lancashire
Ref L11118
London SW - Union flag
Ref L11117
London - Lion
Ref L11114
Country Definitives 1958-2008 Windsor.
29 September also marks the 250th anniversary of the birth of Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson and any of these postmarks may also be used on the MS or any stamps from it or from the PSB.
postmark showing Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson. postmark showing birthplace of Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson. postmark showing silhouette of Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson. postmark showing Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson.
Ref L11115
Burnham Thorpe, King's Lynn
Ref L11116
Burnham Thorpe, Norfolk
Ref L11113
Burnham Thorpe, Norfolk
Ref F11143
BFPO 3067
These postmarks tie-in with some of the labels on the stamps:
Brighton permanent postmark. Glasgow postmark. Tower of London permanent postmark. Liverpool postmark. Norwich postmark.
Ref L4643 - Brighton permanent handstamp
England #2
Ref S4656 - Glasgow permanent handstamp. Scotland #1 Ref L4665 - London EC3 (Tower of London) England #1. Ref N4663 - Liverpool (Liver Building) England #4 Ref L4670 - Norwich permanent handstamp. England #3
Ref W5107
Cardiff SHC operational postmark
Ref W6038
Cardiff double-circle operational postmark
Ref S4187
Belfast SHC operational postmark
Ref S4186
Glasgow SHC operational postmark
Belfast cds postmark. Edinburgh cds postmark. Glasgow 2 cds postmark.
Ref S6039 - Belfast operational cds postmark Ref S6040 - Edinburgh operational cds postmark Ref S6041 - Glasgow 2 operational cds postmark

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This page updated 5 October 2008

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